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A Little Bit About Us

We have come along way in the decade since the effervescent William Haighton became chief of our Tribe. Our proud Chief is a Dutch music guru with over 40 years of experience in the music industry (and an impressive collection of Vinyl to match).

Travelling with the tides of technology and consumer trends we have seen the addition and deduction of mediums such as MP3’s and EBooks, and currently stock a wide variety of the best vinyl, music biographies and music films. Looking to the future, we want to go beyond great content to create an all you can eat buffet for the knowledgeable lover of all things music.

Coming Soon

We have been looking far and wide to curate a plethora of desirable music as well as building a unique library of the best Vinyl players and personal speaker systems, in order to create the ideal experience for you. As passionate lovers of music we have become frustrated and tired of shopping at numerous websites and markets to find what we are looking for. So in we step, your one stop shop for not only a limited edition piece of beauteous picture vinyl, but also the artist’s autobiography, the DVD of their live performance and to round it all off an unbeatable record player to get the best sound possible.

What more could you want? Well here at Tunetribe we welcome all suggestions from our fellow music aficionados. So if you have found something that changes the way you consume your music please share it with the Tribe and we’ll try to get it on to our site as soon as we can.

The Real World

Now, the Tribe will never be content with just being an online store. When the time is right, in the not so distant future, we will be opening our first of many experience stores. This will offer the same abundance of musical whatsits as our website with the added indulgence of a stunning fully licensed bar and oh so much more. Watch this space.